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If your golf club or golf business needs to:

  • Develop new income streams

  • Improve you PR and communications’ capabilities

  • Update your website and its copy and content

  • Generate increased branding revenues

  • Promote your products and services more effectively

  • Create new marketing, events, products and promotional strategies

  • 'Refresh' the  membership offering or develop new membership categories

  • Upgrade existing operational procedures


The Business of Golf can help you to put together the pieces of an effective solution, which will be as original as the needs of your business.

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For all the latest golf news, business features, discussions and reviews.

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“Business of Golf Magazine is a publication that brings the golf, hospitality,
governance and environmental sectors together into a coherent whole.

It is a cleverly constructed, and well knitted publication, that flows across all spectrums of who we are, what we do, and those we serve, as well as being relevant and punchy.

I find this publication not only brings the industry together, but it is also a forum where we, as leaders and professionals, can share in our experiences, challenges, and successes. It is in this sharing that we are all able to continue to learn, and better ourselves in the journey to becoming the true custodians of this great industry.

This magazine is what we needed, and I am pleased that it is something we can all contribute to, and benefit from. I certainly enjoy reading it, as I am sure you all do too.

To the BGM team, I thank you for your dedication and time spent in creating this great publication.”

Damian Wrigley - General Manager of Pearl Valley.