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GolfVistaSA - The Golfer's Utility Club of Choice

A Business of Golf Discussion:

GolfVistaSA’s primary function is simple and it is to provide travelling golfers (and the travel industry) with one point of reference for golf courses and a menu of restaurants, things to do and accommodation options in the same area.

This one-stop-shop principle greatly reduces the numbers of click thrus involved in assessing a location for your next golf holiday, or an area’s suitability for a family vacation.

GolfVistaSA logo
SA Golf at Your Fingertips!

The site is continually growing its reach with the goal of encompassing the entire region of Southern Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.

As a traveller (and a golfer) what I personally enjoy is the navigational simplicity, clear visuals and easy to use functionality.

Can you trust what you see?

Yes - but it is important to remember that no site, not even those of the major commission earning booking companies, offer any guarantees as I discovered through an experience with last Christmas.

This was after a completely failed reservation process, through its site with the Highlander Hotel in Dullstroom.

I had decided to mix a little vacation with some work by combining the Christmas break with the opportunity to look over Highland Gate for a golf course review.

Having stayed at The Critchley Hackle and Walkersons on several occasions in the past (and enjoyed the experiences at both thoroughly), I decide to find a new venue for this trip.

The failure resulted in the hotel effectively cancelling our planned holiday on Christmas Eve, despite the fact that the reason for their ‘problem’ (they stated their inability to cope effectively with a seafood allergy) was known to them at the time of the reservation being made – 3 weeks earlier.

To date there has been no meaningful come-back at a customer service level, only the usual mealy mouthed, completely insincere and self-serving utterances at the time, which included an attempt to make the refunding of my payment look like a favour to me after the booking had been messed up by the hotel!

Neither the hotel nor has made a meaningful attempt to offer redress for the problem since – which just re-confirms the rule ‘caveat emptor’, because too many in the travel business still have to learn even the basics around PR and customer service.

However anyone who has travelled, even locally, will confirm this and so we all have our own personal war stories in this respect!

All of which makes the services provided by SATSA, and which are covered in a previous article, all the more meaningful and relevant.

So - while there are no guarantees, GolfVistaSA puts its site partners through a thorough pre-screening process to try to ensure that they are what they say they are and deliver the services advertised.

The process includes:

- Confirmation of a good to excellent website presence

- A rating of more than 4 out of 5 stars over an average of 3 online platforms i.e. Google Maps, Facebook and TripAdvisor

- Confirmation that the establishments can accommodate at least 8 golfers and/or their families.

As a shop window or directory, the service is split into the region’s principal areas.

This is likely to include further sub-sections, as the quantity of information on the site grows, so as to allow the user to zero into a particular search’s key requirements effectively.

The combination of golf clubs with things to do and places to eat and stay in their area, coupled with the easy to use website functionality makes GolfVistaSA a highly effective tool, whether you are an individual golfer, tour operator, tourism body, golf club or business owner.

The GolfVistaSA service is a win for all:

- From the travellers point of view it is a real short cut, offering an effective summary of a particular region’s golf, coupled with the support elements that can make a golf trip special, or turn a golf vacation into one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

- The golf courses’ enjoy further exposure both locally and Internationally, the latter through GolfVistaSA developing relationship with Destination Golf Travel – the World’s # 1 Golf travel guide on Google.

- As a business owner the structure offers your enterprise a shop window to the golf traveller looking to play in a particular region.

All considered GolfVistaSA should become the 15th club in every golfer’s bag!

A Business of Golf Discussion / GolfVistaSA - John Cockayne

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