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About Us

John Cockayne is a fully qualified golf professional and has worked on a

number of very successful golf business, event and golf estate projects.

With this background, he brings a broad range of promotional, marketing

and event management experience to any project, within what is in effect

a 360 degree view of the golf business.

This eclectic skills-mix is essential as, outside of the input of established

operational processes and procedures, each solution developed by

The Business of Golf is tailor made and as individual and unique as the

needs of each client.

To achieve each client's goals, The Business of Golf works in association with a number of professional service providers. This alignment allows for a strategically effective and cost efficient interaction in which the client only pays for those services specific to the delivery of the project.



For more information about all our services please contact John Cockayne:
Telephone: +27 (0) 73 8967931 | Email:

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