The Business of Golf’s (BG) origins lie with a commentary and discussions series about the business of golf, which BG’s managing editor and founder, started writing almost twenty years ago.

BG has remained true to the original ethos of the column, which is to provide a platform open to everyone, and which enables and encourages meaningful discussions around key issues concerning the golf business.

Numerous people have contributed their thoughts and inputs to the series over the years, while some, who have contributed to the discussions’ series, have continued to provide their valuable inputs to the magazine.

Twenty years may have gone by – but the journey is only just beginning!

Golf faces unprecedented challenges to remain relevant, as we move further into the 21st Century, especially as regards the needs to be innovative and evolve to face changing societal norms and expectations.

Is there an end-game?

Yes – and it will be to see a selection of the articles and columns published as an e-book series – The Business of Golf Discussion Series – which we hope will provide an invaluable repository and reference for ideas and thoughts, to those already in the industry, and or just coming into it, who need access to this type of information. The profits from the sale of the e-book will be channelled back into golf development – thereby completing the circle, as John Cockayne envisaged when he sat down to write the first Business of Golf Column almost two decades ago.

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