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The Business of Golf provides the following services...

Revenue Streams
Revenue Streams-01.png

We develop innovative solutions to protect and enhance established revenue streams, such as green fees and membership subscriptions and work in conjunction with your management team to develop new products and services to broaden the revenues’ base.

The life blood of any business.
Events & Tourism Products
Events & tourism products-01.png

We then work closely with your management team, or board to develop and deliver a new ‘mix’ of activities, products and events to showcase your golf club, or golf facility effectively, while generating new branding partnerships and revenues.

We will provide an initial consultation free of charge.
Branding & Advertising
Branding & Advertising-01.png

Are you getting the maximum value from key areas at your premises or venue?
Is your business’ brand clearly defined, established and understood by your customers and staff and integrated into everything that you do?
Do advertising activities generate a real return on the ‘spend’ invested and include a defined ‘call to action’?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above it might be an opportune time to address these keys element of your business’ needs.

Do you understand the true branding value of your golf facility or business?
Promotions, PR & Communications
Promotions PR and communications-01.png
We deliver promotions' strategies...

which will take your venue, club or golf business in front of identified and clearly defined ‘markets’, within a programme of activities, which will be both efficient and cost effective.

The service provides for professional copywriting services, PR strategies and website reviews and content edits.

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategies-01.png

When did you last make an attempt to find out what your members and customers think of your club, venue or golf business?
Do you have a defined strategy to keep your golf business abreast of market expectations and demand?


If not then we can help you develop appropriate solutions, which will help to keep you in front of your key audiences and ahead of your competitors.

Do you fully understand the increasingly changing market place in which your club, business or venue is operating?
New Membership Products
In most countries the game has seen golf club membership numbers stagnate. In many regions the overall numbers of players continues to show a continual decline.

Is the new interest in golf a bubble? Even if it is, can we nurture sustain this new interest in golf? We can help you develop and put your new membership products in front of clearly defined target ‘markets’, within a programme of activities, which will be both efficient and cost effective.

The service provides for professional copywriting services, PR strategies and website reviews and content edits.

New Membership Products-01.png
Improved Operational Procedures
Improved Operational Procedures-01.png
In a difficult trading environment, the old mantra of ‘service, service, service’ becomes ever more significant in separating your club or golf business from its ‘competition’.

Are you offering the right mix of services and activities?

How good are your customer experience levels?
Has your staff understood the need to live and breathe the service ethos?
Are all of your departments in sync and working towards the same service goals?

Staff are a key asset to any business - are they regularly challenged and motivated by their working environment and effectively and regularly up-skilled?

We can provide a solution to a ‘no’ to any of the above questions.

Governance & the Environment
Governance & the Environment-01.png

Compliance is now no longer a voluntary and ‘feel good’ procedure, but a legal requirement and one where the effects of non-compliance will become increasingly onerous.

We can provide solutions and procedures to help keep you ahead of your responsibilities and face the challenges posed by the new and mandatory compliance requirements and the regulatory framework

The golf business has slipped behind in several key areas of governance and safeguarding the environment, in many cases eroding the good done in the past.
Project Management & Consultancy
Project Management 2-01.png

A former Head Professional of Royal Oak, State Mines and Benoni Country Clubs and Director of Golf at Southbroom, during which period he was involved in the organisation of golf tours, numerous professional and amateur tournaments and as a consultant on the PGA Sunshine Circuit and PGA Winter Tour.


John Cockayne, has been a professional golfer since 1977 and is a fully qualified Founder Member and Life Member of the PGA of South Africa. 

For more information about all our services please contact John Cockayne:

Telephone: +27 (0) 73 896 7931 | Email:

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